After more than 50 years of mass-marketing we are now reaching a point where not only from an environmental perspective we can no longer afford to sell goods that clients do not need, but also from an economic perspective we can no longer affort to sell goods that do not make sense for the clients.




Because a new era has started, the era where people have gotten sick of the hyperconsumption that leads nowhere else but to economical and environmental crisis.  The era where people understand that the change will only happen through a collectively individual responsible behaviour. The era where the consumer can easily choose between different options, picking the brand that seems the most sincere, the most consistent and the most responsible (towards the environment and the people) and checking it through social media and peer-to-peer communication.


With Le nouveau M I mean to help sustainable and meaningfull brands who bring wellness to the people, and bring sense in a dehumanized world.


I will help you underline what is at the heart of your project that will echo to your users, and define a consistent strategy and brand content that will support your outstanding positioning.