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Back from La ferme du Bouchot, the true permaculture experience

Last week, I have had the pleasure to help Anne Beau and Jean-Philippe Bouazy with their online communication. These amazing couple of nature-caring utopists have created La Ferme du Bouchot, a true experimental place about Permaculture, in Sologne. I did there what I call "communication woofing" helping them redesigning their future website.

During my 4 days stay, I have had the chance to live the woofers' life, enjoying a splendid work environment, amongst open-minded people and happy animals. Le Bouchot is a fantastic place to test and learn permaculture to find inspiration, energy and healthy vibes.

Besides the expertise that has been developed here over the past decade, this place is unique thanks to its very special mood and energy. Anne and Jean-Philippe have you "come as you are", letting you take actions with complete autonomy, integrating your biological rythm and letting you express your personality. So easy to feel well there! So much to learn from their lifestyle! Speaking of great experiences, I must say that I first heard of La Ferme du Bouchot thanks to Olivier Maurel and his outstanding "Co-Gîtons Program".

I wish Anne & Jean-Philippe a great success and I truly hope to get back soon and do some gardening this time :)!

You will find out more about Le Bouchot in the below video, introducing their latest project, Seligonia, a camp to live in a mandala shaped garden & orchard camp. (in french)

#permaculture #innovation

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