“We’re already seeing that in the top innovations coming out of finance, education, healthcare, retail, all the top innovations are all around this need for purpose.”

Aaron Hurst, author of The Purpose Economy

A great challenge to turn into opportunity!

After more than 50 years of mass-consumption, we now need to reinvent the way we produce and consume in order to maintain our lifestyle while protecting the planet.

Is it a challenge? Yes! However this is a great opportunity to create sense and harmony for your company, employees and stakeholders.


Tomorrow, successful brands will be the ones that "make sense" ; they will provide a deeper meaning to their raison d'être by being connected with society and the environment. They will offer a consumer experience that not only brings personal benefit to the client but also, through the users interaction with the brand, the client becomes a more impactful citizen who cares for their local and global community.


These brands will be successful in the long term because they will be :

- positive

- generous

- close to their community

- innovative

- consistent

- trustworthy



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“Great entrepreneurs are often great listeners and they can spot patterns and pick up on small details in customer stories."

Alexander Osterwalder, author of

the Value Proposition Design method.

« Thinking out of the box »

We are fascinated by digital technologies and their capacity for enabling creative problem solving to address green issues. From the circular economy, to cross-chanel experiences, the possibilities that are open to us as businesses and individuals are endless.


We use our understanding of trends and our creativity to design solutions that develop value-added services whilst never losing sight of the ultimate goal : the successful user experience.


To do so, we set the stage for an open dialogue with your users from the concept to the prototype. We also support you in engaging top management as well as your company stakeholders (employees, suppliers, public parnters....).

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“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

Walt Disney

« How to turn a new offer into a real business success?»

The two main levers for delivering a new offer to the market are :

  • being close to your users

  • quality of the service


Placing the client at the center of the service design is vital.  Only by fully understanding your clients needs, can you continuously test the new product features as well as all the interfaces between your brand and its community.


Secondly, quality of service is essential in making the difference between you and your competitiors.  Only successful interactions between the client and the brand at every stage of the customer experience will build a relationship of trust. Ensuring that quality is maintained is hard work but essential if the client is to feel that your brand « cares ». 


Listening to your community members can help you  adapt and upgrade new services and products through continuous improvement and ensure long-term sustainability.

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